Drayton Christian Reformed Church


Church School

Church School is held every Sunday during the morning service for children who are three years old up to those who are in Grade four. The curriculum taught is supplied by CRC publications and is a variety of Bible stories which are shared through story-telling, play-acting and song.  The children are challenged to not only learn the stories but to also evaluate how it affects their values and beliefs.


Children at Church School have opportunities to experience worship in a relaxed atmosphere through hearing, reading, singing, and praising God.  They develop a knowledge of stories in the Old and New Testament.  They also learn about Jesus and His life on earth. There is opportunity to apply that Bible knowledge to their lives and in so doing give opportunity to commit their lives to Jesus.


We develop a sense of mission awareness by participation in mission work through praying and giving.


Our goal as teachers and also as parents is to help each child to internalize what they are taught and make it their own so that this faith foundation can guide our children throughout their earthly lives and lead them to eternity.