Drayton Christian Reformed Church


Special Services

Lord's Supper:

The Lord's Supper is celebrated five times per year

 on the second Sunday of February, June, September, December and on Good Friday.


Holy Baptism:

Services which include the sacraments of holy baptism are usually scheudled for the fourth Sunday of the month. Exceptions can be arranged witht the approval of the Worship Cordinator or the Pastor.

Church Calendar & Special Services


New Year’s Day

1st Sunday of Lent

Palm Sunday

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Annual Day of Prayer

Ascension Day

Pentecost Sunday

Thanksgiving Day

Reformation Sunday

World Hunger Sunday

1st Sunday of Advent

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve

January 1

March 10

April 14

April 19

April 21

March 13

May 30

June 9


October 27

November 3

December 1

December 25

December 31